A fluid programming language for rapid development.

Informal is a new kind of form based visual programming language for web applications and data science.

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Adapt to your problem domain with declarative patterns that express logic, functions and objects.



Interactively develop in the browser and compile to efficient, safe WASM you can run anywhere.



Prototype quickly and gradually add expressive type constraints as your codebase evolves.


Create it any way you choose.

Visual or textual. Functional or object oriented. Fully dynamic or type checked. Informal is distilled from concepts proven in languages like Python, Haskell, Smalltalk, Prolog, Elixir, APL and Clojure. Choose the style that's right for your project, so you can focus on the problems that really matter.

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Designed to evolve with you.

From prototype to production, Informal adapts to the ever-changing requirements of a growing project. Add contractual guarantees to your program with gradual types, isolate complex functionality with independent modules or even transform the language itself with macros.

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Let's build it together.

Software development is a collaborative process. Informal gives you the tools to create great software together across the internet.

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Code in the browser in a real-time, responsive environment. No setup required.
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Libraries in Informal are sandboxed by default.
They can't access your network, filesystem or any resource unless you grant them those capabilities.
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Informal compiles to the lightweight, efficient WebAssembly bytecode format. You can run it in the browser, on your servers, or even embed it in other applications. Use WebAssembly's built-in foreign-function interface to interact with code across languages.

Build. Launch. Grow.