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Flood Tide See Further: sonification as musical performance


Flood Tide: sonification as musical performance - an audience perspective

Published in AI and Society link

Contents May Vary: the play and behaviour of generative music artefacts

PhD thesis July 2007pdf

The Intelligent Street: responsive environments for social interaction

presented at ACE2004 Singapore pdf

Smartsound: a framework for multi-user sound interaction

presented at Cybersonica, ICA London 2003 pdf

Embedded Intelligent Music or iHiFi - the intelligent hifi

Presented at Cybersonica, ICA London 2002. Published in Digital Creativity vol 14 no. 2 2003. pdf

MORPHEUS >> emergent music - contents may vary

presented at Generative Art 2001, Milan) pdf

Form and transience - generative music composition in practice

presented at Generative Art 2000, Milan pdf